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Friendship between Japanese & Thai The 15th WAFCA Friendship Tour & the 26th WAFCAT Friendship Caravan

A joint volunteer program was organized in Chiang Rai Special Education Center on November 8th, 2014. There are 27 Japanese and 32 Thai volunteers worked together to fixing 30 broken wheelchairs for people with disabilities. Besides that we also donated 4 new wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Chaing Rai. It was a very good opportunity for all of the participants to create a network that they would continue supporting disabled people in need of wheelchairs.

On the next 2 days between November  9th and 10th , the group of Japanese volunteers continued “School Barrier-free Support” activity; creating an accessible toilet and also visited Thai Wheel Factory in Nonthaburi to learn more WAFCAT activities.