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Summary Report “The Community Development Training for Wheelchair Children FY 2015”

In 2015, WAFCAT had organized the training for teachers from Special Education Center in all over Thailand 4 times in 4 regions as below


            #1 from 23-25 September 2015 at BK Place hotel in Bueng Kan (46 participants)

            #2 from 28-30 October 2015 at Regent Lodge Hotel in Lampang (35 particpants)

            #3 from 18-20 November 2015 at Banjongburi Hotel in Surat Thani (33 participants)

            #4 from 16-18 December 2015 at Phuphaphung Resort in Ratchaburi (46 participants)


                The training had 4 objectives as below

  1. To increase the knowledge and skill for teachers on wheelchair service to disabled children (body assessment, wheelchair type, size, sitting and fitting)
  2. To create the network for support disabled children in wheelchair
  3. To empower teachers to work hard for disabled children


        The project reached above objectives and we had 4 networking groups as below;


      Northeastern: “Manoot Lor I-SAN”

      Northern: “Lor Khen Khon Muang”

      Southern: “Chii Wit Tid Lor Pak Tai”

      Central: “ Lor Len”   


            For download the summary report, please click here